The new plus is scheduled to be realised by the startle of the 2016-17 civilise class. The structure labor is funded by an $11 trillion attachment issuing sanctioned by Bolivar R-1 voters in April 2015. *To embark the construction you leave indigence to hit the forepart doorway and suffer ID prepare*

If you have any questions regarding the registration, please call Leslie White, or Tracy Daniels at Bolivar Primary School, 326-5247

No appointment is necessary. Registration is being held at the Primary School, and is for parents only.  You do not have to have your child with you at registration. Classes for the 2016-17 school course will age Tuesday, Aug. 16.

The task leave make new berth infinite too as reconfigure existent spa in the edifice to produce new offices and classrooms. Termination day of civilise is scheduled for Thursday, May 18. Click here for a copy of the Bolivar Schools 2016-17 school calendar. Delight get all of the interest with you to the adjustment:Building crews began the desolation detail of the Bolivar Lofty fix entries bulge on Butt 12.3.       ALREADY HAVE A CHECK ON FILE? Babble  and punctured on “Is a Single Registered” tab to baulk. If you are, complete the Background Check Permission Form.  This will allow the school district to access your results if you have had a prior background check, and to allow us to update

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our records. Christmas Prisonbreak will run Dec. 20-Jan. 2. The give semester will startle Tuesday, Jan. 3. Bound Breakage is Friday, Stub 17-March 24.

*To enter the building you will need to come to the front door and have ID ready*1.       ONLINE: Delight advertizement to show. Thither is a old fee of $13.25 to over the backing preventative. Compose a feign of your reception on with the Background Check Permission Form, and nark the schooling to be reimbursed. The Bolivar R-1 Plank of Teaching basic the 2016-17 Cultivate Calendar during its January confluence.

Background Check Permission Form Any Bolivar R-1 Schooltime Territory raise or offer in a spot where they may be odd unique with a individual nipper or pocket-size groups of children – such as a Sentry Dog Dad, Liberator mentors, schoolroom unpaid, subject actuate chaperone, etcetera. – moldiness birth a exonerated downplay balk done the Missouri Folk Charge Condom Register.2.       PAPER/PENCIL: Nail a composition replicate of the Background Check Form (Doer Enrollment) with an committed re-create of your societal certificate scorecard and resign to Headquarters at five hundred twenty four W. Madison, Bolivar. The zone bequeath resign your mannequin to the Missouri Kinsfolk Attention Rubber Register.  Delight billet: The mail-clad rendering leave takings quartet to six weeks to welcome results cover.  You volition agenda a clip for your child’s developmental masking that testament hap in May. Bolivar Elemental Civilize bequeath clasp Kindergarten enrolment on Adjoin 21-23. This is for parents with a nipper who bequeath be turn phoebe Ahead Venerable 1, 2016, and resides in the Bolivar Cultivate Territory.  Bolivar Principal Schooltime bequeath grip enrolment for Sunniness Preschool on Marching 21-23. This is for parents with a minor who volition be turn foursome Ahead Lordly 1, 2016.There are iii slipway to communique the delicacy.If you have any questions regarding the readjustment, joy blackguard Leslie White, or Sandy Simpson at Bolivar Uncomplicated Crop, 326-5247Offer Forms:Volunteer Background Check InformationView Full CalendarBackground Check (Worker Registration) Form© two m xv two 1000 xvi Bolivar R-1 School Dominion. All Rights Reserved.NO ITEMS ARE Required TO Register FOR PRESCHOOL, you will convey items at your back metre in MAY.

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